Internet2 Videoconferencing Facility

lijeron6- Carlos Lijeron
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Office: Hunter North 310
Phone: 212-772-5532

Description of the Facility
Internet2 and Video Conferencing Facility
i2-1Our Internet2 and Video conferencing facility was funded to promote distance
learning and provide accessibility to the Internet2 (Abilene backbone) network.
Currently, Hunter College and CUNY are part of the Internet2 Consortium along with other 200+ institutions.

With community control of the fundamental network infrastructure, the new Internet2 Network will enable a wide variety of bandwidth-intensive applications, most which are still under development at different institutions.

We are planning the implementation of Access Grid which is an ensemble of resources including multimedia large-format displays, presentation and interactive environments, and interfaces to Grid middleware and to visualization environments.






i2-2122 Internet2 Instrumentation
We have equipment to support many different types of connections. We can manage Videoconference, Audio conference, Presentations and real time collaboration with Internet1 and Internet2 remote clients. In the near future we will be implementing IPv.6 along with our QOS (Quality of Service) and Multicasting capabilities.
SRA-120 Power Amplifier
The SRA 120 amplifier delivers 60 watts per channel into 4 ohms stereo; 45 watts per channel into 8 ohms stereo; or 120 watts total into 8 ohms mono-bridged. The SRA-120 allows to select between two choices of input sensitivity, stereo or mono operation, or normal or bridged mode.
XAP 400
The XAP 400 provides distributed echo cancellation, noise cancellation, and automatic microphone mixing. It features several enhancements to promote a clear connection.
Crestron ST-COM RS-232/422 COM Module
Crestron's SmarTouch system is a user-friendly wireless control system used to control almost every aspect of our facility. The system is programmable, therefore we can further customize it to minimize the technical requirements on the presenter. Currently, our Crestron device controls the DVR system, VCR, DirecTV, projector, plasma TV’s, overflow room, lightning, window shades, and volume control.
CameraMan 3-CCD Presenter
This is a robotic camera that supports web streaming video as well as many other applications. Its automated tracking system allows the presenter to easily walk during a conference while the camera follows in a close up session.

Equipment location
You can refer to the picture below to locate some of our equipment.


















1. Main control system: Rack and Servers

2. High resolution projector

3. Wireless Auto tracking camera for speaker.

4. 42” Plasma TV for speaker’s view of remote location

5. Manager’s office

6. Sound panels

7. Internet2 and workstations node

8. Crestron central control unit

9. High quality sound system

10. Sound proof windows with air bubble between 2 windows.

11. Audience camera


Rules of operations

Facility Guidelines
We have a few guidelines to follow in order to use the facility and we also have a priority level when 2 or more events are scheduled at the same time.

The following is our priority and guideline list:

1) You must be a member of CUNY (College University of New York)

2) You must schedule the event in advance and you must receive a confirmation email with an approval. You can receive a rejected, pending or approved request. Check on the links section below to download an instructional PowerPoint presentation. Our reservation website can be accessed via

3) Lab meetings, presentations and students grups can be scheduled on the overflow room, HN 312. A separate reservation book is located in that room. Your reservation must be manually entered into that book. Do not use the online reservation system for booking room HN 312. The overlow room can fit upto 12 participants comfortably and it has a projector, 50" plasma screen and integrated sound system

4) No food or liquids are allowed inside the facility. This is to ensure the integrity of the electronic equipment and accessory components such as

5) Our regular hours of operations are from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. Events that fall outside this time range must be reserved and approved a few days in advance.

6) Prior to using the facility for a video conferencing call, the participant must arrange with the remote site a test connection. Our facility manager will carry out the test to determine the best connection method for the live event; this could be an ISDN or IP based connection. The test connection must be done at least 24 hours prior to the live event.

7) Remote instrumentation, videoconferences, distance teaching initiatives and Internet2 related events have a higher priority level.

8) Streaming services and multicasting could be provided by outsourcing services. This method requires at least 4 weeks advance notice in order to obtain the require bandwidth and have enough time to test the signal. The requirements for this type of service are:

a) Number of people who will view the presentation
b) Will the event be archived and viewed later on, or will this be a one time online live event ?
c) Event duration
Internet2 Official Website
Access Grid Official Website
Internet2 News Release
Overflow Room for smaller conferences
Internet2 Gallery

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