Department of Biological Sciences Inga Richter Fall 2018 Seminar Series

In memory of a former doctoral student lnga R. Richter. Inga was dedicated to her students and profession. She felt that her teaching responsibilities did not stop in the classroom; they stopped when her students understood. All seminars are held on Mondays in Room 926 North (69th Street between Park and Lexington) at 12:00PM. Refreshments will be served at 11:45AM

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Wed. Sept 5, 12:00pm
Basic biology to directed drug discovery: Targeting Plasmodium's pre-erythrocytic stages to block mammalian infection.
Dr. Purnima Bhanot
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Host: Jayne Raper

Mon. Sept 17, 12:00pm
Precision Medicine and Informatics: Clinical applications and Challenges.
Dr. Che Martin Host
New York Presbyterian Hospitals
Host: Weigang Qiu

Mon. Sept 24, 12:00pm
Cryo-EM and single-molecule studies of cellular transport.
Dr. Linas Urnavicius
Rockefeller University
Host: Hualin Zhong

Mon. Oct 1, 12:00pm
Dr. Ross Cagan
Icahn School of Medicine
Host: Diana Bratu

Mon. Oct 15, 12:00pm
CD33: From Alzheimer’s disease GWAS to therapeutic target
Dr. Elizabeth Bradshaw
Columbia Medical Center
Host: Carmen Melendez-Vasquez

Mon. Oct 22 , 12:00pm
Adolescent Brain: Synaptic Plasticity to Counter the Perfect Storm
Dr. Chiye Aoki
New York University
Host: Ekaterina Likhtik

Mon. Oct 29, 12:00pm
Dr. Richard Possemato
New York University
Host: David Foster

Mon. Nov 5, 12:00pm
Histone variant H3.3-mediated epigenetic reprogramming to pluripotency.
Dr. Duancheng Wen
Weill Cornell Medical College
Host: Paul Feinstein

Mon. Nov 12, 12:00pm
Dr. Hongjun Wang
Stevens Institute of Technology
Host: Carmen Melendez-Vasquez

Mon. Nov 19, 12:00pm
Regulatory pathways for cell cycle-specific transport of the nucleus - a fundamental process in brain development
Dr. Sozanne Solmaz
SUNY Binghamton
Host: Hualin Zhong

Mon. Nov 26, 12:00pm
Adjunctive therapy for the treatment of cerebral malaria
Dr. Julio Gallego-Delgado
New York University
Host: Jayne Raper

Mon. Dec 3, 12:00pm
The apolipoproteins L are a novel class of channel forming proteins
Dr. Russell Thomson
CUNY Hunter College
Host: Jayne Raper

Mon. Dec 10, 12:00pm
Endocytosis facilitates clearance of aggregation-prone proteins that underpin ALS pathology
Dr. Ross Buchan
The University of Arizona, Tucson
Host: Graduate Students’ Club

Mon. Dec 17, 12:00pm
Human microbiome research: promises vs. reality, dos and don’ts, and the move beyond correlations
Dr. Emmanuel Mongodin
University of Maryland
Host: Weigang Qiu

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