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Registering for BIOL 10000

BIOL 10000 at Hunter consists of three different components, Lecture, Lab and Recitation.  In order to ensure that all students in the same section are treated fairly, students must register for a pre-determined grouping of lecture, lab and recitation (you cannot mix-and-match).  Since the lab is the enrollment component, the lab is where you want to start when choosing a section.  The lab section numbers are designed to tell you which lecture and recitation will go with it: section 2L15 goes with lecture 2 (indicated by the first digit) and recitation 15 (indicated by the last two digits).

The same information is given by the numbering of the lecture and the recitation sections, so lecture 2-15 indicates that it is the evening lecture (2) and goes along with lab 2L15 and recitation 2R15.  If your priority is to ensure that you get a set of lecture, lab and recitation that have the morning lecture, you can look for any of the sections that start with a 1, and then pick the lab and recitation times that work for you.  Please remember that you must do the set of three indicated by the section numbers, so you should look carefully at the times for all three components before you select which section(s) you want.

In short:




Lecture time
1 for morning, 2 for evening

Specific component - for lecture, L for lab, R for rec. Set of -/L/R must be taken together

Lab/Recitation number Numbered 1-30 Pairs meet at the same time (13/14, 21/22, etc.)


Waitlisting BIOL 10000

If all of the sections that you can do for BIOL 10000 are full, you can add yourself to the waitlist for the course.  This should only be done if all sections are either full or impossible for you to take; the waitlist is no guarantee of getting into the course, so you should always take a seat in a less preferred section if one is available.

Waitlists exist for each set of components (see above), through the lab (which is the enrollment section).  This means that you will have to add yourself to the waitlist for each lab section that you can do separately.  If you get a seat in a section, you will automatically be removed from all other waitlist, so it is up to you to balance adding more sections to increase your chances of getting into the course versus adding fewer so that if you get in it is in a section that you prefer.  Do not include sections that conflict with outside commitments, such as work schedules, unless you are willing to reschedule those commitments in order to take this class.  There is never any reason to add yourself to the waitlist for a section that you cannot do, since getting a seat in that section will remove you from the waitlist for the sections you actually can do.

If you want to add yourself to the waitlist for multiple lab sections, you should first go through the schedule and determine which sections you want to consider.  Please remember to take into account all three components (lecture, lab and recitation) for the section you are trying to add, since these groupings cannot be overridden.  If you cannot do recitation 1R25, you should not add yourself to the waitlist for lab 1L25.

Once you have a list of sections that you want to add, you must check each component carefully against your existing course schedule.  If any component of that section conflicts with a course, you have two options: you can remove that section from your list of options and move on, or you can consider a future swap with the waitlist option.  A future swap with the waitlist option means that, in the event a seat in BIOL 10000 becomes available, you will be dropped from the course that conflicts and added to the section of BIOL 10000.  You should only consider this if you are absolutely certain that you will want to drop the conflicting course.  Once the swap occurs, it is highly likely that your seat in the other course will be taken (likely by a student on the waitlist there), so you cannot swap back.  Future swaps should only be used as a last resort, if you absolutely must take BIOL 10000 and are willing to completely rearrange your schedule if a seat becomes available.  If the components of this particular section of BIOL 10000 conflict with two or more classes that you are currently registered for, you cannot swap with the waitlist option and should remove this section from your list of options.

Once you have a list that is either free of conflicts or with the conflicting classes carefully noted, you can go section by section and add yourself to the waitlists on CUNYfirst.  If there is no conflict, you simply try to add that section of BIOL 10000, and check the “Wait List if Class is Full” checkbox.  If there is a conflict and you want to put in a future swap with the waitlist option, you must do so by trying to swap the course that you’re currently registered for with the section of BIOL 10000.  Please be sure to check the “Wait List if the Class is Full” checkbox. You will remain registered for the conflicting course for now, but if a seat becomes available in BIOL 10000 the swap will be executed immediately (you will not be notified beforehand, and you will not have the opportunity to undo it).

Once you have added yourself to the waitlist for each section that you can do, either as an add or as a future swap with the waitlist option, you are done.  If a seat become available in any of those sections, the first student on the waitlist will be registered for that seat and everyone else will move up one spot.  When a student gets a seat in one section, they are automatically removed from the waitlist for all other sections of the same course, so even if you are far down the list on a particular 24-seat section it is possible that you will move up the list as other students who have listed multiple sections get seats elsewhere.  As always, being on the waitlist is no guarantee of getting a seat in the course.  When you initially waitlist on CUNYfirst, your positon on the waitlist will be displayed at that moment. After that, you will not be able to view your position on the waitlist again.

Please keep track of which sections of BIOL 10000 you are on the waitlist for, especially when registering for other classes.  If you are on the waitlist for section 1L05 as an add, and later register for a different course that conflicts, you will be skipped in the event a seat in 1L05 becomes available.  You can remove yourself from the waitlist and put yourself back on as a swap, but doing so will move you to the end of the line.  As such, we recommend that you add yourself to waitlists only after you’ve registered for any other courses that you can. If you are no longer interested in a particular waitlisted section, you must remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid the potential of being enrolled. This includes future swaps with the waitlist option.

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